Who we Are

Luminum is a Lighting Consultancy, based in Milan and Novara, specialized in lighting project design for historical building and complex architectural building, following from the project management to the furniture design.

We collaborate with architectural & design team, and clients who desire to bring an innovation lighting system in their projects and a new concept of the ambiental wellness, trough a focused project management able to understand and characterize every kind of space.

The leading value of Luminum is the total indipendence from specific brand, we help our partner to choose the best products, based on the needing of the project, and, whenever it’s not possible to find the perfect one, we use our network of artesan master and technician to create the perfect product that could join the aestetichs to the best technical characteristic.

What we do

Luminum follow all the different phases of the illumination process, from the organisation and planning of the lighting in the first phase of a project to the development of the product and the supply of the lighting plant.

Particular attention is given to the study of the interaction with natural light, to give the right value to every process, in order to create an atmosphere and a fullfilment to the architectural project.

Our team, with different background and working experience, is able to offer innovative solution and to give a new point of view to all the projectual phases, through the use of traditional instrument and innovative solution. Luminum also offer an help in the creation of a brand identity for the project, creating a story behind the illumination when is needed.

Taylor Made

Luminum follow the entire process of creation of taylor made lighting solution, studied and customized on the projects needing. Thanks to a net of Italian master artisan, our team can create every kind of solution, from artistic unique piece to technical high performanced solution for a difficult part the project.

Every lighting system it’s a unique project studied for the place it will be installed, joining the best innovation available on the market to the quality of the hand made production, reinventing the traditional italian craft.

Collaborate with Us

Luminum is always open to new collaboration with architect and designer who wants to experiment a new conception of the project. We offer stage and internship in different period of the year, if you want to enter in the world of lighting, ask for a consultancy or a collaboration, write at projects@luminum.it


Vicolo Canonica n. 3 28100 – Novara (NO) Italy email: info (at) luminum.it

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