Innovation in Lighting


Innovation and enhancement are the central element of our way of designing and developing solutions which combine new technologies with respect for heritage.

luminum is an international lighting design studio that operates in the lighting engineering enhancement for heritage and complex infrastructures, in terms of architecture, design and urban scale.

Integration with new technologies, the ability to develop the concept that can create different scenarios and reading levels for the project offered each of our projects

Aree di lavoro

Luminum is specialized in the lighting engineering valorisation of complex goods, with a specific focus on the valorisation of Historical Heritage and their valorisation at the Artistic, Commercial or Tourist level.


The enhancement of historical and cultural heritage is the main field of action of the study, with multiple experiences of enhancement of historic buildings and places of worship, in which a new vision of light has been combined.


We design innovative solutions for urban lighting, both from the point of view of the enhancement of historic centers and the integration of interconnected Smart City solutions

Office & Commercial

The ability to combine new technologies and the scenographic study of light have particular importance in our projects for shops and chains, where light becomes a means to characterize the brand


Light as a Value

Illuminating a historical asset is a challenge, it confronts us, in the design phase, to confront ourselves not only with the place itself, but all it represents for those who live it, for the city and the area where it is located, for the people who will use it in the future. When we design a new light, we must give a new system of values, which are able to characterize that space in the future and make the message and the ecosystem that that place knows how to create clearer.

Urban & Commercial

Light which innovate city

Urban lighting and the lighting of commercial premises have a common thread that binds them, for the role they play in the way the streets and streets of cities are lived. The ability to link these aspects, and not to overlook how the lighting project will affect the way a city is perceived, are elements that are never overlooked in our projects.

At an urban level, we work in the study of the application of the latest lighting technologies integrated with Smart City systems, with a particular focus on the enhancement of historic centers and the artistic lighting of the monuments that characterize them.

On a commercial level, we design and enhance the identity of the single brand through a custom lighting system, attentive both to creating a unique environment and to the latest studies on Neuromarketing and sales enhancement.

Selected Works


Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta



Skyway Monte Bianco - Hangar 2173 Museum


progetti speciali

“We collaborate in the development of innovative solutions for the reuse and enhancement of abandoned cultural heritage, through urban regeneration processes and site-specific projects for the enhancement of the Italian historical heritage”

Riusiamo L'italia Foundation

“We study and design new solutions in which lighting can be of benefit in the care of the patient, new solutions for care spaces that can improve the quality of life for patients and their families”

Tera Foundation

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