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Andrea Carson

He trained as an architect at the Milan Polytechnic, and then specialized in the field of architectural lighting and for large monuments. In 2015 he has founded his own Lighting Design Studio, Luminum, a brand that deals with Light Design and IOT for the cultural heritage and smart city, where he coordinates lighting engineering enhancement projects for important entities in Italy and abroad and light art projects, with a focus on the integration between technological enhancement and enhancement of historic assets through IOT technologies.

He has collaborated as a Technical Partner on projects with various institution (including the Polytechnic of Milan, Triennale Design Museum, the University of Naples Federico II) and holds the role of Chief Innovation Officer for startups and non-profits working in the field of Heritage, including TERA Foundation, foundation based in Novara and with laboratories at CERN in Geneva, where it follows projects for the application of lighting design and IOT technologies in the space of cure for oncological patients.

To the entrepreneurial activity he combines the associative commitment, as President of the young entrepreneurs group of Confcommercio Alto Piemonte, where he deals with training on the issues of business start-up and innovation for the company, rapresenting young entrepreneurs and professionals under 40. Since May 2018 he has been nominated in the National Council of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confommercio Imprese per l’Italia Federation to represent young entrepreneurs and professionals under 40 of Upper Piedmont. ”¬†

Who We Are

There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures (James Thurber)

For Luminum, each project is made up of different analyzes and phases, from the lighting development to the creation of automated light scenarios through to installation and testing.

Our team, with different background and working experience, is able to offer innovative solution and to give a new point of view to all the projectual phases, through the use of traditional instrument and innovative solution.

Luminum also works in multi disciplinar project team, providing technical skills, lighting calculations and media-marketing concepts, in order to create a story and give added value to the realization.

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