Our Research Project

We have developed partnerships and collaborations with many third sector companies, to create research projects to help others and improve the world in which we live. We are collaborating with two important foundations for the development of two very different project areas, but united by the theme of how light can improve people’s lives.

Health & Care



Projects: We study and design with the Tera Foundation new solutions in which lighting can be of benefit in the care of the patient, new solutions for care spaces that can improve the quality of life for patients and their families, through participatory projects for the development of new spaces for the patient

The Foundation: Tera is a scientific research foundation, recognized by the Ministry of Health, which since 1992 proposes the implementation of hadrontherapy centers for the treatment of tumors through the applications of physics and high technology of the medical clinic in Italy and in the world. Its laboratories are at the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) in Geneva, where the applications of particle and accelerator physics in the health sector are studied. Among the most significant achievements, the National Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO) for ions and carbon, built in Pavia and inaugurated in 2010, in which cancer patients with proton and ion beams are treated, which radiate deep tumors by following their contours with millimeter precision and sparing the surrounding healthy tissues.

Urban Regeneration

 Foundation Riusiamo L’italia

Projects: We collaborate with the Riusiamo L’italia Foundation in the development of innovative solutions for the reuse and enhancement of abandoned cultural heritage, urban regeneration processes and site-specific projects for the enhancement of the Italian historical heritage. Through projects and research related to the application of new technologies and light-design for the symbolic enhancement of disused heritage, we seek innovative solutions to create a sign of how disused buildings can be a new beacon for the development of areas for the regeneration of places in community spaces

The Foundation: The Riusiamo L’Italia Foundation, aims to promote cultural purposes, such as the promotion of culture and the approach to urban regeneration and the reuse of disused spaces, in order to create new employability, especially for young people, favoring interventions in the suburbs and inland areas of the country. It arises from the need to identify good practices and create an observatory on the phenomenon of reuse in Italy, for the development of a policy on the reuse of disused assets.